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Our History

Hey there! At Talent Navigations, our story is all about passion, hard work, and creating awesome connections between talented folks and growing businesses. Meet Cody and Joe, the founders behind Talent Navigations. They've worn many hats in various ventures and picked up some valuable lessons along the way. One game-changing strategy they discovered is tapping into remote talent to gain a strategic edge over the competition.

Their journey began with a need for additional support in different areas, from cold calling to virtual assistants. The success of their global team got them thinking, "Why not share this global hiring magic with other small businesses?"
And that's how Talent Navigations came to be—a hub for connecting top-notch talent with businesses set for big things. It's been a wild ride, and we're stoked to keep making those awesome connections.

Ready to join us on this journey? Build your team and start hiring today!

Our Mission

  • People First:

    We believe in the transformative power of people. By placing individuals at the heart of what we do, we aim to create environments where talent can flourish and companies can thrive.

  • Excellence in Every Connection:

    Our commitment to excellence extends to every interaction. From understanding the unique needs of our clients to guiding candidates on their career paths, we approach every connection with integrity, diligence, and a genuine desire to achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Innovation in Recruitment:

    Global talent is no-longer optional for small businesses. We run at the cutting edge of recruiting to help place the top talent in your businesses to give you the competitive edge you need to thrive in a fast-changing business landscape.


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